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Top Blackjack Tips for Canadians

Our blackjack tips for Canadians will help you grasp the basic objective of the game, and as the fundamental principles remain the same all throughout the different variations, you can take these blackjack tips with you wherever you go!  We all know that the idea is to achieve a hand value of 21, or as close to the number, without exceeding it as this will result in a ‘bust’... but how do you strategize your game to cover all eventualities?  Have a look at the online blackjack tips below and use them to win real money at Canadian online casinos!

Blackjack Card Values

There are 52 cards in a standard deck and they are divided into four suits – Diamonds, Clubs, Hearts and Spades.  In blackjack, cards marked numerically from 1 through to 10 retain their written value and Jack, Queen and King are also counted as 10.  The Ace could however hold two values – either 1 or 11.  In the majority of blackjack variations both are accepted – with the exception of games such as Caribbean 21, where the Ace is counted only as 1.

Blackjack Strategy – How to Proceed

The game kicks off with the dealer and the player(s) being dealt two cards.  Depending on the variation of the game, players receive their cards face-up whilst the dealer has one card exposed and one card facing down – the latter referred to as a ‘hole card’.  The dealers’ up-card is very much a determining factor in how you should continue and here, a basic blackjack strategy chart provides the best tips for blackjack.  Although this is a rather complex chart to memorize at first, one of the best black jack tips we can give you is to take the time to memorize the chart – and to understand the reasoning behind it.  The most common rules and ways in which you can proceed are as follows:

  • Hit or Stand – To either request another card or to stick with your current hand and receive no additional cards.
  • Split – If you get two identical cards you can choose to split them and play them as two separate hands.  The blackjack strategy chart advises against splitting certain card values.
  • Double Down – The double down rule is commonly offered and allows players to double their bet whilst committing to stand after receiving only one more card.
  • Surrender – If you know you are in for a fail after being dealt your first two cards, and seeing the value of the dealers’ card, you can quit whilst you’re ahead by choosing to surrender your hand.  This will return half of your wager and end the round.
  • Insurance – If the dealers’ up card is an Ace, there is reason to panic, as the dealer could be holding a natural blackjack.  In many instances you will then be offered the option to take out insurance.  This is in essence making a side-bet in anticipation that the dealer is holding a natural blackjack.  Although you will lose your original bet, the insurance bet pays out 2:1, if you are correct.

There are additional rules that are less common, often depending on the casino that you are playing at, as well as the game version.  This includes options such as to double down after splitting pairs, re-splitting of Aces and late surrender.  Check with the casino, refer to the game rules and remember our blackjack tips for Canadians before you start playing.

What is a Natural Blackjack?

A “natural” blackjack is achieved when a hand value of 21 is landed on only the first two cards dealt.  This could therefore be any hand that contains an Ace – and a 10 value card (10, J, Q or K).  An interesting bit of history is that gambling houses used to offer a bonus payout for a ‘true Blackjack’, which was considered to be an Ace of Spades and a Jack of either Clubs, or Spades.  Called Twenty-One when first introduced to gambling houses in the United States, it was in fact this bonus payout that saw the term “Blackjack” stick, giving it its’ current name.  The bonus which paid out 10 to 1 was however soon withdrawn and today, any Ace and 10 card value combo is also considered to be a ‘natural blackjack’.

Soft 17 Rule

Firstly, a hand containing an Ace where it can be played either as a 1 or 11 value card is referred to as a soft hand.  Again, the soft 17 rule is either determined by the casino, or it could be incorporated into the rules of the blackjack game that you are playing.  The rule is generally imprinted on the table surface – if the dealer has to hit on a soft 17, the table should show “H17”.  If the dealer has to stand on a soft 17, the table should have “S17” imprinted on it.  One of our most valuable blackjack tips for Canadians is to play a game where the S17 rule applies as it benefits the player by decreasing the house edge by approx. 0.2%!

Choose the Best Blackjack Variation

With modern-day blackjack presented in many shapes and forms, the best Blackjack tips for Canadians would be to play a game that has a low house edge, with easy rules that require simplistic strategizing.  Games can be played with a single deck, with certain versions played with up to 8 decks in one game.  You should however remember that the more decks are used in the game, the higher the house edge becomes.  Games such as Classic Blackjack, Vegas Strip, European Blackjack, Atlantic City Blackjack and Spanish Blackjack are popular choices.

Check out the blackjack menus at the top Canadian casinos featured here and apply our blackjack online casino tips in free-play mode before betting real money.  This will also give you a chance to familiarize yourself with the rules that come into play with the different blackjack variations.  Stick to our simple blackjack tips for Canadians and we guarantee that you will become successful at playing this timeless game!