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Casino Tips to Win Promo Prizes at All Slots Casino Golden Egg Bonusfest!

Full of bonuses, winning options, and crazy surprises, All Slots Casino Golden Egg Bonusfest is a fantastic fest allowing you to deposit, win, receive and use multiple bonuses and most of all – have the best fun ever during this Easter! When so many winning Canada online casino tips already online, your ability to win is just a few clicks away, your joy and entertainment is so highly guaranteed - it's only up to you to come over and enjoy it! Be sure to remember that All Slots Casino Golden Egg Bonusfest is capable of awarding you with over $80,000.00 in credits and in certain conditions even win the $10,000.00 big prize! So mark the important details, memorize the fest dates and start celebrating this Easter with all the other player at the awesome All Slots Casino Golden Egg Bonusfest!

How and When to Win Cash with Casino Tips

It's really easy. Regarding the how, there are more than enough options available, and the best advice for you is to grab all of them in your hands, and let yourself enjoy the highest chances of winning as many rewards as possible.

First thing to do is to register and deposit a minimum amount of 20 credits. There are four weeks of fest at All Slots Casino Golden Egg Bonusfest and every weekly $20 depositing opens you the possibility to play and start assemble your bonuses during the week itself. Every day you play, during the week you deposited at, rewards you with one golden egg. The potential bonuses for collected golden eggs are:

2 golden eggs collected – a chance to win up to $50

3-4 golden eggs collected – a chance to win up to $75    

5-6 golden eggs collected – a chance to win up to $100

7 golden eggs collected – a GUARANTEED BONUS. Up to $150

So as you probably understand, once you play each day during the week, you actually guarantee yourself with a bonus which can be up to $150, and of course, a daily routine of fun and joy. Each Sunday you and all the other players are able to win the different bonuses depending on the amount of golden eggs you collected during the week. So get ready and start collecting!


Glad you asked! All Slots Casino Golden Egg Bonusfest holds four session of four weeks starting form Sunday, March 29 at 00:00 GMT and ending on Saturday, April 25, 2015 at 11:59 p.m. GMT. During this period you will be able to deposit the minimal 20 credits four times and collect up to 28 golden eggs in total.

The four sessions occur in the following dates:

Week #1: March 29 at 00:01 GMT until April 4 at 23:59 GMT

Week #2: April 5 at 00:01 GMT until April 11 at 23:59 GMT

Week #3: April 12 at 00:01 GMT until April 18 at 23:59 GMT

Week #4: April 19 at 00:01 GMT until April 25 at 23:59 GMT


The Prizes available at All Slots Casino's Golden Egg Bonusfest

With so many prizes available at All Slots Casino Golden Egg Bonusfest, it is only natural that Canadians win prizes at All Slots! Using the monthly promo tips your awards are closer than ever before!

Crack the Egg Boosters

Crack the Egg Boosters is a marvelous happening allowing you to win even more! Every Wednesday, for a period of 24 hours, you can join and crack one golden egg and see what surprise is inside! Now, no worries about your own collected eggs, since once you join one of the Crack the Egg Boosters, you receive a golden egg specifically in order to claim your offer. Do remember to check on a regular basis your email or My Offers section inside the casino, so you will be able to view further details on that matter.

All Slots Casino's 10,000 Eggstravaganza

Maybe the wildest journey of them all! During all of the fest, you do your best to collect as many golden eggs as possible in order to gain most bonuses you possibly can. At the end of the fest, all of this collection can benefit you even more! The $10,000 Eggstravaganza Draw will be awarded to 500 lucky players and the more golden eggs you collect, the higher your chances are to be one of these happy 500 gamblers! Bottom line? Play every day, gain a chance to win every bonus! The winners will be notified at April 29th.

Casinos Participating the All Slots Casino Golden Egg Bonusfest

Just as important as the winning options standing in front of you, you probably want to know WHERE you can enjoy all of this wonderful fest! The following casinos take part in the fun with you: All Slots Casino, All Jackpots Casino, First Web Casino, Wild Jack Casino and The VIP Lounge Casino. Be sure to subscribe to one of these casinos in order to assure yourself all of these great bonuses!

Additional Canada Winning Tips

After winning, it is up to you to log in within 7 days and receive the bonus. Otherwise, your bonus will be forfeited, and you don't wanna let that happen. Additionally, Bonus credits not played within 30 days will also be expired and removed. Therefore, you want to make sure you are active and playing, so all the rewards will be in your lucky hands!

Wishing you the best Easter with the exciting, upcoming, All Slots Casino Golden Egg Bonusfest!