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Hound Hotel Online Slots

You have been working hard and you feel dog-on tired. You just want to relax your doggies and enjoy life for a while. Book a room at the Hound Hotel where there is no ruff life here. This is where you can indulge in the greatest of doggie delights. Hound Hotel Online Slots has so many thrilling characteristics. In this hotel you will spot elements of the best that an casino slot has to offer such as flamboyant wilds emerging by chance throughout the standard game. Mouse Bellhop gives you a look at the hotel. Whatever door you want opened, he is there for you. As you wonder around the hotel, you see your canine friends drinking cognac, devouring the best of food and puffing on pipes.

Hot Diggity Dog

MicroGaming has done it again with this well designed and cute video slot game. Hound Hotel Online Slots logo is the wild and can materialize anywhere. Don’t expect the wild to maximize your wins in this game. Similar to the wild which may emerge wherever it wishes to is the scatter symbol which so happens to be Mouse Bellhop. You will receive an immediate cashout along with a Pick Me bonus cycle if somehow you receive at least three scatter icons. The Hound Hotel Online Slots is definitely a Canadian online slots classic.  

Free Spins Slots

Playing one out of five complimentary spins is the central appeal in this game. In order to take advantage of this extra spin bonus free spins slots , a minimum of three scatters need to show up somewhere on the reels. It is called the Hound Hotel Bonus feature. After accomplishing this, a player needs to choose a door on the three floors of the hotel to continue the game. Floor one is where you make known the wild feature.  On the second floor is the multiplier. Floor three will tell you how many free spins you are entitled to. Being really fortunate, it is possible to receive thirty spins by way of a huge six times multiplier.

Now we get to the Super Stacked Wilds. They are piled twenty symbols tall on reels two and four. This is where you can really get some good spins. Expanding Wilds is next. It offers free spins and you profit as the wilds spread and take possession of the entire reel. Now we approach the Wild Reels. This element of the game provides free spins on the first and fifth reels throughout the game.

Up a notch is the Split Wilds. With free spins from this bonus, it splits the wild into two permitting for six of the same type successful arrangements. It is good to note six possible wins are twice the value of five of the same type wins. Lastly but not least we have Super Wild. This is the free spins Reel enabling the max of three reels that may become completely wild. Every spin, be it reel two, three or four can become wild. Obtaining a scatter from number one or number five reel, mutually turn wild! Here your tail will wag when you start receiving bonuses and earn lots of cash. Inside the hotel your collar shines with luxury. A dog’s life has never been so spoiled!

Tips to Win Online Slots

In advance of even considering betting with an online casino, you need to know your budget for gambling and make sure you hold to it without any compromise. It is not nice to go under, so you cannot allow to lose. Open an independent account just to gamble. This way you stop from dipping into your private funds needed to live on.

If you decide to play at a certain online casino, check out the payout possibilities on the slots. Every casino is different. The difference of margin from a particular casino can mean a big difference in possibilities and amounts of wins.

There are many kinds of slots, so select your slot sensibly. The larger payouts usually occur with the more reels a game consists of. It is prudent and wise to adhere to these tips to win online slots.

Betting Choices

Hound Hotel Online Slots has twenty five paylines. This game is a reasonable pick. Slot enthusiasts will love this game. Initial bets start at one cent for each payline. Twenty five cents can get the reels activated. Twenty five dollars is the greatest amount bet permitted. Gamblers who bet high may not be so attracted to this game; it is great for newcomers and gamers with smaller resources and wants to play on the safe side. When the winnings start rolling in, you will know it is not a dog’s life.

Book a Room

Hound Hotel is a new online slot that just came on the casino scene in June, 2015. The surroundings and sounds are excellent and the game itself very amusing. The design and visuals are charming. Next time you go on a vacation, make sure you book a room at Hound Hotel for your dogs. If you know you are going, do not wait until the dog days of summer. And who said that you cannot teach an old dog new tricks? Be the top dog in town and play Hound Hotel Online Slots. We think you'll get a good howl from this fantastic slots online.