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Jacks or Better is the Grand-daddy of all video poker games. It is one of the most popular of the Canadian mobile games and one of the simplest video poker games to play. If you are interested in playing Jacks or Better mobile video poker directly on your mobile device, simply make your way to one of the leading mobile casinos, sign up at the casino, take advantage of the Canadian welcome bonus offered at the casino as well as any additional mobile casino bonus offers and begin playing.


Begin your game of Jacks or Better by making a wager and clicking on the deal button. You will now be dealt five cards by the dealer. After carefully contemplating the cards you have been dealt you should decide which of these cards you wish to hold onto and which of the cards you wish to replace with new cards. After you have made your decision, press the draw button.  The cards you wish to discard will be replaced by new cards and this will be your final hand. Once you have received your final hand, it will be compared to the payout table to see how much you have won.

If your final hand is comprised of a pair of Jacks or better, you will receive a payout. This is the reason the game is called Jacks or Better. If you receive a hand that is better than a pair of jacks, for example, a straight flush or a full house, you will be awarded an even greater payout.


This is a list of the poker hands from the smallest hand and up to a straight flush.

Pair- A pair is a combination of two cards of the same denomination. An example of this is a pair of Jacks

Three of a Kind – This is a combination of three kinds of cards of the same denomination, for example a7 of spades, 7 of clubs and 7 of diamonds.

Straight – This is a combination of a sequence of cards from any suite, such as a 3 of spades, a 4 of diamonds and a 5of hearts.

Flush – This is a combination of 3 cards of the same suite but in no particular sequence such as a 2 of hearts a 6 of hearts and an 8 of hearts.

Straight Flush – This is a sequence of cards from the same suit, for example a 6 of diamonds, a 7 of diamonds and a 8 of diamonds.

Different poker games will rank the poker hand slightly differently.


One of the ways that players can become more successful at the casino is to read articles and books that provide casino tips to win at the games. The mobile casino games will also usually offer articles on improving your performance and increasing your chances of winning a payout.

You are also more likely to have a successful outcome in the game of Jacks or Better if you stick to a number of rules when playing.

  • Keep four to a flush over a pair. It is better strategy to try and complete a flush than it is to improve a pair.
  • It is always a good idea to hold onto your high cards than trying to pair up lower cards.
  • Get hold of a Jacks or Better strategy card and consult it whenever you play. The card will detail exactly which cards to hold on to and which to discard.
  • Once you have mastered the game of Jacks or Better, similar strategy can be applied when playing many of the other video poker variants. However, do not forget that different versions of video poker will have different payout tables and their own rules concerning the minimum hand that is needed to win.  Be sure to check the payout table and the minimum hand of each individual game before beginning to play.


It is no great surprise that Jacks or Better is one of the most popular mobile casino games. The smooth game play and fast pace of the game results in a unique and exciting gaming experience and the low odds of the game mean that your odds of winning are even better!