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Mobile Casino Games Tips

It is always a good idea to be prepared, which is why we provide you with useful mobile casino games tips that we know will come in handy along the way.  Whether you are a seasoned mobile gambler, or only just graduating from regular online gambling, these basic mobile casino tips and tricks can bring you a step closer to securing bigger and more frequent wins.  Have a look at how you can gain an edge over the house on some of the most popular mobile casino games below.

Mobile Slots Tips – Make Use of the Extra Features

Mobile slot machines are irrefutably the biggest money spinners and the condensed selections that you can access from your iPad or Android handhelds include only the best.  They are also the most versatile games, with bets that start from as little as $0.01, to machines that have max bets of $250 or more!  In the same way, payouts can vary from just a few hundred Canadian dollars, to millions more on high-limit machines.  When choosing a game to play, make sure that your bankroll can sustain the betting requirements – and keep a watchful eye on your account balance!

Many mobile slots come with a “stop” or “hold” button with which you can bring the reels to a halt at any time.  Although you cannot control the outcome of a natural spin, you can use this feature to try achieve a winning line-up.  It is also worth giving the ‘gamble’ feature a go whenever it is offered.  This option gives you the chance to double, triple and even quadruple your payout after each win by predicting and choosing the correct card colour.  With a 50/50 chance of getting it right it is well worth the gamble.  In general, make use of all of the exciting extra features that mobile slots offer.  They are there to help you win!

Mobile Roulette Tips – Cover Your Bases

Mobile roulette is another game where the results cannot be influenced.  The pocket that the ball lands in after spinning the roulette wheel is determined by random number generators and no amount of tilting your mobile phone will affect the position!  That said, you can cover your bases by covering more bets…  Rather than putting all of your eggs in one basket, or shall we say, chips on one number, spread it out to include more numbers...  e.g. either randomly select multiple numbers, or place group bets such as odds/evens, reds/blacks, corner bets, column bets, etc.  Although your payouts will be less, the increased odds will work in your favour.

It is also worth opting for a mobile roulette game that has a lower house edge, such as European Roulette, which only has one “0” (zero) pocket.  American Roulette is perhaps one to stay away from as the additional “00” increases the house edge.  Venues powered by Microgaming Go™ are the only ones to offer Roulette Royale – a progressive jackpot game based on European Roulette.  If you do find this game in the mobile menu, give it a whirl!  The low house edge and the giant pooled jackpot makes it the most profitable mobile roulette game online.

Mobile Blackjack Tips – Learn the Rules & Strategies

The main objective in blackjack is to achieve a hand value that is higher than the dealer's, without exceeding 21.  It is however a skilled game that has a set of rules and strategies that need to be applied if you want to turn it into a money-making game.  The most valuable out of all mobile blackjack tips is that you should familiarize yourself with all of the blackjack rules.  This includes understanding when to double down, split, re-split, surrender, late surrender, take out insurance and of course, when to hit or stand.  Note that not all blackjack variations offer these rules, so check out the mobile casinos’ rules before you get going. 

Many players base their first move only on the cards that they have been dealt but this is the biggest mistake you can make.  It should have everything to do with what the dealer's up-card is showing.  Study blackjack strategies that teach you exactly how to proceed based on the dealer's up-card, as well as when to hit or stand as the round progresses.  Also check what the house’s rule is on Soft 17 hands.  This is generally imprinted on the blackjack table.  The S17 rule works in your favour as it decreases the house edge by up to 0.02%.  Remember to stick with single-deck mobile blackjack games as the more decks are involved, the higher the house edge becomes!

Mobile Poker Tips – Play Your Cards Right!

Poker is just the perfect mobile casino game altogether – it requires strategic gaming that gets your brain going, and the chance to join other players at the tables, making it a competitive and fabulously social game too.  Mobile casinos offer many different variations of poker but the hand rankings generally remain consistent throughout, with slight deviations depending on the game you are playing.  There are a few basic mobile poker tips that you can apply to all games across the board, and to start off with, understand what it means to check, bet, call, raise and fold.  

Since you will be playing poker on your mobile phone you cannot rely on telltale poker faces to bluff your way through the game.  Instead, focus only on your cards and on building the strongest hand that you can in attempt to beat your fellow competitors.  You do so by choosing which cards to keep, or which to have replaced, in the draw phase.  Depending on the variation of mobile poker, the highest ranking hand is a royal flush, followed by a straight flush, four of a kind, full house, flush, etc.  Learn these basic hand rankings and you will already be on your way to becoming a pro poker player.