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PayForIt Banking

The online casino offers two fun-filled modes for casino entertainment. The Free Mode is available 24/7 for free gaming fun and excitement with no deposits required. However, if you want to enjoy your gambling adventure and earn real money prizes, you'll need to establish secure payment methods so that you can make your casino deposits and withdraw your payouts at your leisure.

PayForIt is an internationally-accepted pre-paid card that you can rely on to gamble safe. The PayForIt for Canadian players ewallet card gives you the opportunity to make safe online deposits and withdraw your winnings without linking your gambling activities to your local Canadian bank account or to your Canadian credit card.

There are a wide range of alternative Canadian banking options but the PayForIt card is one of the most expedient alternatives. When you use the prepaid PayForIt card, you'll be able to facilitate all of your casino transactions quickly and easily. Casino advisors note that it's important to use safe banking and secure payment methods in order to protect your earnings. The PayForIt card is one of the safest available alternatives for Canadians. Using a PayForIt ewallet card gives you the opportunity to monitor your transactions electronically and ascertain, on your PC or mobile device, your current balance and where you've made your deposits and purchases.

Banking in the Digital Age

PayForIt is a new digital banking solution that was designed to create simple and convenient digital banking options for Internet casino players and other online customers. Throughout the world, gamers are turning to the PayForIt card to transfer funds to and from their casino account, regardless of their preferred gaming platform. Players who gamble from home can connect to their PayForIt account via the Download Casino on their laptop or desktop PC. You can make deposits and withdraw earnings from the comfort of your living room armchair. Flash Casino gamers can facilitate their banking transfers on any public console via the casino's banking page at the Instant Casino.

Mobile gamers find that PayForIt is a great solution for mobile users. PayForIt allows mobile gamblers to play\for real money when they're on the go. The mobile casino supports the PayForIt Deposit Method to facilitate smartphone and tablet online gambling activities. PayForIt connects to mobile devices via both WiFi and cellular connectivity so regardless of where you're located or when you want to play you can conduct all casino banking transactions at your leisure.

PayForIt for Canadian Players

To use the PayForIt Deposit Method, load the card at any of the Canadian PayForIt vendors using cash. Alternately, you can transfer funds from your credit or debit card or from your local bank account. Once your card is loaded you can sign into your casino account and make your deposit on any selected game. As you play, your wins will be deposited into your casino account and when you complete your gambling event you can withdraw your payout back onto your PayForIt card.

When you're ready to use your fund you can transfer them to onto your PayForIt ewallet card and then move them to your local Canadian bank account or onto your credit/debit card. You may also withdraw the cash at any of the PayForIt vendors who are located at hundreds locations throughout Canada. You can also use your casino earnings to make direct online or offline purchases at any of the thousands of worldwide or Canadian merchants who accept the PayForIt card.

PayForIt in Canadian Currency

Canadians can use the PayForIt digital banking solution to conduct all of their banking transactions in Canadian dollars. To use PayForIt in CA currency, load your card in Canadian dollars or, when PayForIt asks for your "preferred currency", indicate that you prefer to conduct your PayForIt transactions in CA currency. PayForIt will automatically conduct your Internet banking transactions in Canadian dollars so that you can make your deposits and withdraw your earning in Canadian dollars.

If you decide to use your PayForIt card for purchases via merchants who are located in other countries, you can facilitate payments in alternate currencies using your PayForIt Card. Indicate your preferred currency exchange and PayForIt will automatically convert your Canadian dollars into the requested currency, using an accepted conversion rate.

Getting Started

To use PayForIt for your casino banking, obtain a PayForIt card at any of the participating Canadian vendors located at kiosks, shops and other venues throughout Canada. You can determine the nearest PayForIt vendor via the site's "Finder" tool which is located on the PayForIt URL homepage.

"Load" the card with whatever value you wish via a cash payment or money transferfrom your personal bank account or from your credit or debit card.

Now you're ready to play! Sign into your casino account and choose your preferred game. Click "deposit" and make your first deposit. Click on PayForIt and submit your PayForIt account details. The casino automatically creates a link between your card and your casino account, so your deposits and withdrawals will be facilitated using your PayForIt card.

Casino Tips

Some helpful casino tips for Canadian casino banking include the reminder to determine your bankroll before you start playing. Don't exceed that bankroll. If you experience a winning streak, you'll have more money for more gaming, but if you don't find yourself on good luck roll, you won't deplete your resources.