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Find Pharaoh's Treasure at All Slots Casino

They always say that the more you play, the more you win, and this month at All Slots Casino, the saying has never been more true. Play two or more unique games and make at least 10 bets in each one and you qualify for a special bonus where everyone is a winner. The Pharaoh's Treasure at All Slots Casino promotion rewards you for playing games you already love, and even more for trying out new games throughout the month. The promotion is open to anyone who plays two different games during any of eight playing periods throughout the month. All you need to do is to visit the  Pharoah's Treasure page, fill in your username, and press "unlock my treasure." Then you get to open 1-3 treasure chests, depending on how many different games you played during the previous play period. Those who played 2-5 games with a minimum of 10 bets on each one get to open 1 treasure chest. Those who played 6-10 games get to open two chests. And those who played 11 or more games during the period get to open three chests and receive the prizes they contain.

Online Casino Promotion Tips

As with many casino specials at All Slots, there are ways that you can maximize your bonus. The best way is to pay attention to all of the play periods to make sure you qualify for a prize in each period. That itself can make a difference because once a play period passes, you don't get to open any treasure chests for that period. And since the number of treasure chests you get to open depends on the number of games you play, the month of June may be a good one for branching out into games you've been wanting to try but haven't yet. The rewards could be two-fold. You might discover a new game that you will want to go back to again and again, and you increase your chances of opening more chests. Each chest contains one of three prizes. One prize you could win is a set of free spins for popular slots games such as Avalon, Terminator II, or Golden Princess. A second prize is playing credits, up to 100 credits. And the third prize is double your loyalty points on the featured games of the period. So you don't want to miss a chance to open as many chests as possible.

 Online Casino Contests

The charm of the Pharaoh's Treasure at All Slots Casino promotion is that it rewards you for doing what you already love to do. While some promotions focus on particular games, this promotion rewards you just for playing, and it gives you eight distinct opportunities to cash in on the games you love to play. What matters most is the variety of the games you play, as long as you make a minimum number of bets each time. Each playing period lasts between three and four days, so be ready for the next round to start by choosing the games you plan to play. The promotion also points to the value of loyalty points, which many players take for granted. While the free spins and playing credits may offer instant gratification, especially if they produce some exciting payouts on their own, the real prize in the contest may well be the loyalty points, which bring you a step closer to an invitation to the VIP Lounge, the special hangout of the biggest and best players at All Slots Casino, where everything is first class, including the promotions that are offered to its members. So think about qualifying for the Pharaoh's Treasure promotion. You never know what you might get as a reward.