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Reel O' Fortune All Slots for Canada Promo

The new March promotion happening at All Slots casino right now promises to keep you entertained and well-rewarded with the best St. Patrick’s Day promotion online.  What sets the Reel O' Fortune All Slots for Canada promotion apart from the rest is that you can continuously benefit from it all throughout the month.  With 8 bonus rounds and free-giveaways to the value of $80k, which includes $10k worth of loyalty points, you have multiple opportunities to win prizes for Canadians this month!

The Reel O' Fortune Bonus Wheel

The Reel O’ Fortune is where you get to bag the incredible prizes, with the exception of the loyalty points, which will be awarded upon the special draw taking place at the end of the month.  The bonus wheel is divided into 12 segments, each wedge representing a unique bonus, and there are no blank segments so you are bound to win one of the prizes!  Everyone gets a chance to participate in the Reel O' Fortune All Slots for Canada bonus with one free spin of the wheel granted each week;

  • Free Spins - There is 1 “free spins” segment that will reward you with free spins on one of the Avalon slots (depending on whether you are playing on PC or mobile)
  • Loyalty Point Draw Tickets – There are 5 segments on the wheel that can instantly land you between 1 and 20 free tickets into the grand loyalty point draw
  • Bonus Cash – There are 6 segments dedicated to awarding bonus cash prizes ranging from $1 all the way up to $100 in free casino credit

Casino Tips to Win Prizes this March

This St. Patrick’s Day promotion at All Slots casino starts on March 1st at 12:00 GMT and will come to an end on March 31st at 23:59 GMT.  During this time there are eight bonus rounds and as with all of All Slots’ monthly promotion tips, it is imperative that you play during the promotional periods to qualify for the free giveaways.  Diarize the dates – or set a reminder on your mobile or PC – to make sure you don’t miss out!  The Bonus Rounds Schedule is as follows;

  • The 1st Bonus Round - March 1 @ 12:00 GMT – March 3 @ 23:59 GMT
  • The 2nd Bonus Round - March 4 @ 8:01 GMT – March 7 @ 23:59 GMT
  • The 3rd Bonus Round - March 8 @ 8:01 GMT – March 10 @ 23:59 GMT
  • The 4th Bonus Round - March 11 @ 8:01 GMT – March 14 @ 23:59 GMT
  • The 5th Bonus Round - March 15 @ 8:01 GMT – March 17 @ 23:59 GMT
  • The 6th Bonus Round - March 18 @ 8:01 GMT – March 21 @ 23:59 GMT
  • The 7th Bonus Round - March 22 @ 8:01 GMT – March 24 @ 23:59 GMT
  • The 8th Bonus Round - March 25 @ 8:01 GMT – March 28 @ 23:59 GMT

March 31st – 1 Million Loyalty Point Prize Draw

Every ticket you earn into the draw will give you another chance to receive a major boost in loyalty points – and elevate your VIP status at the same time!  As you go about depositing at All Slots casino you will automatically get a single ticket for every $10 real money deposit you make.  The tickets that you can win on the Reel o’ Fortune will be added to your ticket balance.  The draw takes place on the last day of the month and if you were an active player during the bonus rounds, you will have the opportunity to instantly bag a chunk of free loyalty points.  There are 1 million loyalty points up for grabs, to the cash value of $10,000, that will be shared amongst a few lucky Canadian players.

Reel o’ Fortune Promotion T & C’s

There are no stringent wagering requirements or major terms and conditions hidden in fine print… but you do have to make sure that you log in and play with your free cash and free spins within the first 7 days of receiving them.  If you don’t, you will forfeit what remains in your bonus balance.  So the best advice to win with casino tips is to check in at All Slots casino daily during the month of March.  Not only will you benefit from the free spins and bonus cash – but you will also be able to enjoy the best of what Microgaming has to offer – it really is a win-win situation! 

Sign-Up & Play to Win All Month at All Slots

All Slots casino is renowned for their month-long promotions – as you saw with the Valentine’s Day love-fest that ran all throughout February.  There is always something to celebrate and so one of the Canada winning tips that we can give you is to keep an eye on the promotions calendar to stay on top of the latest promotional offers.  The Reel O' Fortune All Slots for Canada promo is shared with a few other top casinos and your bonuses and loyalty points will be accessible from one bonus account if you choose to play at more than one of these venues.  We do however recommend that you join All Slots casino today as this is the one casino where you can bank on getting access to daily, weekly and monthly promotions – all throughout the year!  And become a Canadian casino winner yourself!