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Know Your Game

Canada has some of the best online casino games including roulette. If you’re from one of the provinces or territories and considering learning about roulette tips and strategies so you can improve your chances at winning this magnificent activity, the first recommendatioin for roulette tips for Canadians hoping to make a difference start with getting to know the game and why it’s called ‘roulette’ in the first place. After all, isn’t it best to know as much as you can about your challenger before you step in the ring? So here’s a short lesson: The earliest form of roulette came upon the scene in the 1600s but the version we have today most resembles the one from the late 18the century. It was a bit more chaotic than today but went through a few minor transformations bringing it into the 1800s where roulette became one of the most popular casino games across Europe and America. In the U.S. it grew and developed even more, so much so that it’s the main version used worldwide because of its simplicity and ability to award fast cash. In true casinos the game grew to have a perception of being in favor of the house but with the mobile versions in great standing Canadians should know they have amazing chances at winning big.

Online Tips for Roulette

Now that you know a bit about the beast it’s time to learn more about the nature of the mobile game. First off unlike some rigged wheels in the early part of the twentieth century (and probably during other time periods too) where players who knew the good fortunes of the spin had an advantage, the mobile versions cannot be influenced. Turn your phone upside down and all around and the game wheel won’t move an iota off track. One of the key online roulette tips is spreading out the bets and not acting like a superhero placing it all on one spot. True, you may win big but unless you predict the future and know exactly when and where the ball will fall the chances of that happening often are miniscule. Like with most things in life you want options, you want to protect your assets, and you want to know you have something to fall back on. You may be holding the game in your palm sitting with a drink by the pool but you still don’t want to go home empty handed. With the amount of variables in numbers, colors, and other factors it’s essential to spread out the bets and keep the end results in your favour.

The Double Zero

If you learn it, history can be on your side and when it comes to roulette tips for Canadians such lessons can be invaluable. What's that supposed to mean? As mentioned earlier during the 1800s the American and European versions of roulette grew apart. What was the main difference? The zero and double zero. By right the the double zero has better chances for the house to make gains because it’s an extra variable working against the player. It’s all the more reason why spreading out the bets are important. The double zero is mainly found in the American versions of the game and less outside the United States though it has a presence in Canada. That’s why the American versions are thrilling but if you can afford to put in a little extra effort and stick with the mainly European versions you’ll find yourself at an advantage. It doesn’t mean you should start taking bigger risks because the odds remain better with multiple bets but you don’t have to worry about another zero pocket where the banker will reach out with the rake and slide all the bets back to his side because no one won that round.