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Terminator 2 Online

The action-filled story of Terminator 2 is now online, Gamers can compete in real money excitement as the forces of good and evil clash in the Terminator 2 slots which is based on the popular science fiction movie. The game follows the continuing saga of John and Sarah Conner and their guardian, Terminator 1 as they race against time to save their lives and the entire human race. In Terminator 2 Online slots, a new Terminator, Terminator 2, has emerged as the enemy that John and Sarah must avoid. T-1000 returns to the past to help save them and create hope for the future.

243 Ways to Win

Terminator 2 Online slots is one of the 243 Ways to Win Canadian online casino games in which paylines have become irrelevant. In a 243 Ways to Win game, every completed combination is a win since there are no paylines to enable. Three matching symbols which occur on concurrent reels, with the first occurring on the leftmost reel, signal a win. It doesn't matter whether the symbols emerge on the top, middle or bottom of the reel, as long as they  appear side-by-side.

This feature, known as 243 Ways to Win, offers, mathematicians say, an incredible 243 possible winning combinations on every spin. With a 243 Ways to Win slots you have more ways to win real money at online slots than ever.

Terminator 2 Slots

The Terminator 2 slots begins where Terminator 1 left off. John Conner, a young boy, has been identified by the ruling machines as the future leader of the Resistance. The machines understand that, if allowed to live, John will one day rally the humans against them The machines are determined to cut John down in his tracks before he can mobilize his followers.

To accomplish their mission they have sent Terminator 2 into the past to eliminate John. T-1000 is hot on his heels in his determination to save John and his mother Sarah.

The game opens to Terminator film clips which set the stage for the excitement to follow. Game symbols include John, Sarah, the selfless T-1000 and the menacing Terminator 2.  It's hard to know whether you're in the past, the present or the future as the themes of adventure, intrigue and science fiction combine with time travel throughout the battles between the forces of good and evil. Robotic animations, 3D graphics and movie clips fill the screen, complementing metallic overlays and setting the scene for the action-filled battle. 

Terminator 2 Bonuses

Terminator 2 is one of the most rewarding online slots games for Canadians. There are special game symbols that appear on the reels throughout the game, providing you with additional opportunities to create winning pay ways and enjoy extra chances to multiply your wins.  

T2 is the Wild symbol. The malevolent  T2 can substitute for any of the game's other symbols to complete combinations and provide you with more chances to complete your pay ways. Whenever multiple T2 icons appear simultaneously on a pay way they create a winning wild combination.

The Orb is the Scatter symbol. Two or more Orbs which appear together create a scatter combination. When the T-800 Vision feature activates, only one scatter symbol is needed to activate the Free Spins.

Free Spins

When 3 scatters appear during the regular game, scattered across the reels, they activate the free spins game. This game can also activate when one scatter icon appears during the T-800 Vision round. The Free Spins game gives you 10 free spins. If the Hot Mode feature appears during the free spins your win percentage will increase.

If T-1000 appears during the Free Spins his appearance transforms, signaling that you've won the highest payout on the spin that activated its appearance.

During the Free Spins the 243 Ways to Win feature becomes an astounding 1024 Ways to Win feature so you have more payout opportunities than ever.

T-800 Vision Feature

The Bonus T-800 Vision feature appears randomly, both during the regular game and during the Free Spins round. Payouts multiply during the T-800 round whenever John, Sarah, T-800 or T-1000 occur on the reels.

Welcome Bonus

The casino's lucrative welcome bonuses apply to the Terminator 2 slot machine. To access your Welcome Bonus, create your casino account and make your first deposit. Over the course of your first week of casino activity you'll automatically receive extra gaming credits that you can apply to Terminator 2 or any other casino games.

You'll receive additional promotional give-aways from the casino include Loyalty Points for veteran players, weekly and monthly draws for all gamers, special no deposit credits which are applicable to special games or for specific games played at a pre-determined day of the week, week of the month or season of the year. There are also VIP options for VIP players who are invited into the casino's VIP room after they've accrued a pre-determined number of gaming credis. If you receive an invitation into the VIP room you have the chance to earn special VIP prizes such as luxury gifts, vacation packages, higher deposit and withdrawal limits and more.  

Tips for Canadians

Check the casino website for casino tips for Canadians. If you read the tips you'll find new ways to enjoy your gaming adventure and new opportunities to earn higher payouts.