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Tomb Raider Mobile Slots

If you’re looking for an action-packed game, and one that has a sexy heroine to boot, then you’ve found what you’re looking for with the Tomb Raider Mobile Slots game. This five reel and fifteen payline game will have you on the edge of your seat as you watch Lara try to get the bad guys and save the day. She runs, jumps, leaps and even shoots in the mobile slots for Canadians game. She is trying to keep the important treasures around and you are part of the adventure as you help her on her journey to do so.

Getting Started

As you start with the mobile slots games like this one, you’ll see that there are a number of symbols that align with the theme. First, there are two Lara symbols. One has her leaning down and one has her shooting her gun. The other symbols in the action-packed slots games on mobile include the trigger, the gadget, the Romb Raider symbol, the idol and others. Watch for the Tomb Raider one as you only need two of these guys in order to get a win. If you have more, you’ll certainly have even more payouts with the mobile casino games rules. For instance, if you have three of the Tomb Raider symbols, you’ll get 200 coins for every coin that you’ve placed on a payline. If you have four of them, then you’ll get 2000 coins and if you’ve got five of these symbols, you’ll find yourself with 7500 of each coin that you’ve bet.

Bonuses on Mobile Games

In addition to all of this fun with the Tomb Raider Mobile Slots base game, there is even more with the bonuses on mobile games. The Tomb Raider symbols can also be a wild one. The Lara with the gun is  the scatter and if you’ve got two you’ll have a win. If you have three or more of these you’ll get more money and you’ll get to the free spins part of the game. In addition to the free spins part of the slots games on mobile, there is also a bonus section. With the bonuses on mobile games, you get there if you have three or more of the idol symbols. Now, you’ll see 12 idols and behind each one is hidden a number. You’ll get to pick some of the idols and then see what number you’ve got. You can win a maximum of 2500 coins so this is one of the awesome parts of the mobile slots for Canadians game.

Get Into the Adventure

Keep in mind that the Tomb Raider Mobile Slots is a mobile game, allowing you to play on the go. This is an awesome game for playing when you’re out since you feel like you’re on an adventure just like Lara is one. You can really enjoy the quick energy here and the way that the game moves you from place to place, and this is even more so when you’re playing on mobile than when you’re playing with the online casino game. Make sure, as you play the game that you enjoy casino tips for slots. They have many ways to find out the details of the game and to play in demo mode before you jump in with real money. These are often a good idea, as they allow you to get the feel for the mobile slots games and get to know the rules before you jump in with both legs. Then, jump into the fun with the sexy and capable Lara and have a blast doing so.