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Tomb Raider Online Slots – Win 10 FREE SPINS and the Best Payouts ever!

How do you perceive the best online slots game Canada has ever had? What makes a casino game a truly fantastic one you would never want to stop playing at? What would make you want to stick on and constantly play all day and all night? Well, most probably, no matter what is it that you are looking for, you will quickly find it once approaching the Tomb Raider Online Slots casino game. Once you start playing Tomb Raider, you immediately fall in love with the wonderful, mostly dramatic, music that lets you know something interesting is about to happen over here. In addition to that, the great cartoons give a fascinating atmosphere to the whole game and you instantly know this game is just the best one for you. But let's not forget the best part of them all – this game has the best bonuses, features and rewards for you. So, if you are looking for tips to win online slots, all you have to do is select Tomb Raider as your slots game. The bonuses that constantly help you increase your payline will teach you a lesson or two about how to become a true casino expert.

Bonuses? Where? Is There a Bonus Feature?

Tomb Raider does contain a Bonus Symbol that will quickly and easily increase your payline credit box substantially. The Bonus Feature looks like a golden statue and when 3, 4 or 5 such idol symbols are active (appear next to each other on the reels), a Tomb Raider bonus will be triggered. As mentioned, the payouts are fine and they go as follows: 3 Bonus symbols can produce you 36 – 1,500 credits, 4 such symbols can produce you 48 – 2,000 credits and 5 such symbols will benefit you with 60 – 25,000 credits. The bonus can be, similarly, retriggered during the FREE SPINS and give you more while you do less.

Wonderful! What Other Rewards are Out There?

There are so many rewards it even gets hard to count! As any great slots game, Tomb Raider also contains the known and loved WILD and Scatter symbols which you MUST know everything about!


Looking for some slot machine tips? Know everything about the WILD symbol! No casino game can be accounted as truly WILD without the usage of the WILD symbol. In previous times and games, gamers used to think that they must have at least 3, 4 or 5 identical symbols in order to activate the payouts and receive credits. In our days, it is no longer a necessary requirement since the WILD can change the situation completely. WILD, which has the Tomb Raider Logo, is actually a symbol that can function as a substitute to all other symbols on the reels, when the Scatter symbol is excluded of this equation. By doing so, it is merely required to have, for example, two identical symbols and one WILD symbol in order for the payout to be produced, since a three of a kind was just created. Similarly, when three identical symbols appear next to one WILD symbol, a four of a kind is created with the matching payouts, and finally, with four of a kind plus a WILD you get five of a kind and a great payout to your payline. In addition to that, WILD can produce you some very nice payouts of its own. Two adjacent symbols can give you 5 credits, three adjacent such will produce you with (substantially more, as you can see) 200 credits, while four WILDs will benefit you with no less than 2,000. Ready for the best news? Five WILDs next to each other are equal to 7,5000 credits! Understand why your game will never look the same anymore?


Scatter is also a game changing symbol. After all, if it wasn't such – the WILD would easily replace it too. Anyway, what is really important to know about the Scatter is that it is your FREE ticket to your FREE ride in this game. Scatter has two prominent features. The first one is supplying you FREE SPINS during the game. This can be done by gaining 3, 4 or 5 Scatter symbols that appear next to each other on the reels. The second feature that comes along is the great payout that can be gained. The Scatter, in case you wondered, looks like a fine woman holding two guns. 2 Scatter symbols will pay you out with 2 credits, 3 such symbols are equal to 4 credits, 4 Scatters will produce you 50 credits and if you are lucky enough to have 5 symbols, then 400 credits will be benefited to you.


What's Next? What Other Benefit Should I be Expecting in This Game?

Well, now comes the time for the best feature of them all! It is the FREE SPINS adventure!

After enjoying the great benefits that the Scatter symbol gave us, including the FREE ticket to our FREE ride, it is time to understand what this wonderful free spins bonus ride really looks like. FREE SPINS, in their essence let you enjoy a bunch of spins with no depositing requirement, and the credits can still be given to you. It is very important to remember that not only can you enjoy the credits "free of charge", but also that at the end of this adventure all the credits will be TRIPLED! Want to hear some more great news? You are the one in control over here! The FREE SPINS will never start without you pressing the "Start Free Spins" button, so if you know the adventure is about to begin – quickly bring yourself something nice to eat and drink, and watch the show while the spins are played for you!

Good luck!