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Wheel of Wishes Promo at All Slots! Offers Many Top Prizes For Five Full Weeks

The Wheel of Wishes Promo at All Slots! will begin in late December.  That way All Slots and Jackpot Factory can begin the promotion when you’re in the holiday mood and can do their utmost to keep you in the holiday mood for five full weeks!

Another Great Jackpot Factory Promotion

As has now become customary, All Slots and her sister online and mobile casinos from Jackpot Factory, one of the leading online casino groups, have created an exciting monthly promotion in which you play on a weekly basis and collect chances to win the top prize at the end of the month.  Wheel of Wishes is available at All Slots online casino and her sister casinos: All Jackpots, Wild Jack, VIP Lounge, and First Web.

Five Weeks’ Worth of Prizes

Each weekly playing period will begin at 8:00 am GMT and will end at 7:00 am GMT one week later.  Here is the calendar for the Wheel of Wishes Promo at All Slots!

  • Week one: December 27 to January 3
  • Week two: January 3-10
  • Week Three: January 10-17
  • Week four: January 17-24
  • Week Five: January 24-31

Big Grand Prize Drawing

The promotion will end on January 31st with the Stardust Draw during which $25,000 in bonus money will be given to 1440 lucky players!  The bonuses at the Stardust Draw will begin at $5 for 1000 gamers and will increase in size according to this chart:

  • Top Bonus: $1000 - 5 Winners
  • Second Bonus: $500 - 10 Winners
  • Third Bonus: $100 - 25 Winners
  • Fourth Bonus:$50 - 50 Winners
  • Fifth Bonus: $25 - 100 Winners
  • Sixth Bonus: $10 - 250 Winners
  • Seventh Bonus: $5 -1000 Winners

Six Weekly Prizes

During each playing week you can spin the Wheel of Wishes.  There are six possible prizes from every spin of the Wheel.

  • Free Spins on selected slots games.  if you win free spins, you will be able to use them within seven days!
  • Cashback Bonuses.  These bonuses apply to your very next deposit within the playing period in which they were won.
  • Tickets to the Magical Stardust Draw
  • Free Money
  • Free Loyalty Points
  • Free Loyalty Point Multipliers.  The multiplier is in effect for 48 hours.  You can earn multiplied loyalty points on any game in the casino!

Even More Ways to Win

If you play on four days during any playing period, you will receive an extra spin of the Wheel.

If you celebrate New Year’s Day with a spin or two at any of the five participating online Casinos, you’ll get an extra spin at the Wheel.

The Wheel of Wishes Promo at All Slots! applies equally at all five Jackpot Factory casinos.  So, if you play at more than one casino in the group, your gaming action will be recorded as if you had played at just one! 

Stardust Draw

You can win tickets to the Stardust Draw when you spin the Wheel of Wishes.  For every 50 loyalty points you earn during the promotion, except bonus loyalty points or points earned through loyalty point multipliers, you’ll receive one ticket to the Stardust Draw.

One of the best online casino games tips applies to loyalty points.  You earn the most loyalty points playing slots so it may be a good idea to play as many slots games as possible during the Wheel of Wishes Promo at All Slots!  You’ll earn the most tickets to the Stardust Draw by playing slots!

The Games

Each casino in the group has a large assortment of games.  Slots are the largest group of games but there are also hundreds of table games, parlour games, and video poker.


The Jackpot Factory casinos are proud to have extensive tutorials to help you learn the many nuances of the variations of some games.  There are more than 50 variations of video poker.  Video poker is essentially five card draw poker but there are differences amongst the games. 

The tutorials give helpful online casino games tips especially for video poker and blackjack.  Blackjack also has over 50 varieties and it is essential that you know all the rules unique to each variation.  The many online casino tips for Canadians will help you reduce the house’s odds and will give you a chance to win both in your gaming and also in the Wheel of Wishes Promo at All Slots!

Welcome Package

The Wheel of Wishes Promo at All Slots! is a great way to become familiar with All Slots Online Casino.  Especially for new players, getting to know everything that All Slots has to offer takes a little time.  Here are some of the highlights of gaming at All Slots.

The Welcome Package is worth $1630.  Yes, you read that right!  All Slots divides the Welcome package into five sections.  The first is a no deposit bonus of $5.  You get another $10 and $15 free money when you make your first and second deposits in your first week as a gamer at All Slots.  Along with this free money you also can receive a 100% deposit bonus up to $250 for each of your first two deposits.

When you deposit a third time, you receive a 50% deposit bonus up to $500 and when you deposit a fourth time in the first week, you receive another 50% deposit bonus, this time for up to $600!

Safe Gaming

You would like to join All Slots but want assurance that your money is safe.  All Slots uses a first-rate encryption system that protects all your information and money!

Play Wheel of Wishes

Wheel of Wishes promo at All Slots! will begin soon and will continue for five full weeks!  Good luck and happy gaming!