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Wild Jack Casino Tips: Start with $1621 in Bonuses

Wild Jack Casino is one of the biggest casinos online.  To some gamers, especially new ones who are just starting to acclimate themselves to online gaming, the sheer volume of gaming choices at a big casino like Wild Jack may be a bit daunting.  So, we decided to create these Wild Jack Casino Tips which we trust will be helpful both to new gamers and veterans of the online gaming scene alike.

Take Advantage of Bonus Offers

Wild Jack makes bonus offers in many different ways.  First, there’s the new players’ Welcome Package worth $1621 in bonuses and cash gifts.  Every day, the casino makes impromptu bonus offers that appear suddenly on screen or in players’ online mailboxes.  The Loyalty Club is designed to help players grow their account by offering bonuses that increase as your number of points increases.

Wildjack online casino may also make bonus offers for playing on a holiday or weekend, for your birthday, or for any other reason deemed reasonable.  Bonus offers are one of the ways Wild Jack gives back to its family of loyal gamers so they, and we, encourage everyone to follow our online casino tips and avail yourselves of as many bonus offers as possible.

Gaming Advantage of Bonuses

It’s easy to see that getting a bonus for a deposit is a smart way to stretch your bankroll.  Relatively few people see the strategic value of betting with bonus money.

One of our most important online casino tips is to manage your bankroll responsibly.  Your gaming fun will be a function of the money you can afford to play with, the amount of time you have to play, and the types of games you like to play.  For example, a blackjack player realizes that the game is slower than slots.  A slower game means fewer bets overall in a given gaming session.  So, you may be able to bet more per hand in blackjack than you would per spin in slots.

By betting with the casino’s money, you can increase the size of your bets in the hope of making a big score.

Progressive Jackpots Play and Strategy

Wild Jack Online Casino has 16 progressive games.  The jackpots range from tens of thousands to millions of dollars.  Thus, another of our top online casino games tips regards playing for a progressive jackpot.  A gamer can win the big jackpot only if he or she has bet the maximum on the winning payline.  We suggest that players play for a progressive jackpot only if you’re playing with bonus money, if you’re playing with winnings, or if you can truly afford to make the maximum bet on all the paylines.

The Huge Welcome Package Puts $1621 in Your Account

The bonus offer to new gamers begins with a no deposit bonus of $5 just for filling pout the registration form.  Then you can qualify for $16 in cash gifts and $1600 in bonuses in your first week at Wild Jack.

  • When you make your first deposit you’ll get a $5 gift and a 100% bonus for up to $250.
  • For your next deposit, you’ll get an $11 gift and a 50% deposit bonus for up to $250.
  • The bonuses go up to $500 and $600 respectively for the third and fourth deposits on a 50% basis.

Imagine what you can do with $1621 in bonus money!

Hundreds of Great Video Slots

Wildjack online casino features video slots from Microgaming the recognized leader in online casino game development.  Video slots are a vast change from the type of slots we played in the not so distant past.  Old fashioned slots were all basically the same; video slots are all different in a very important way: they are themed so that you can enter vicariously the story being told in the slot.

This leads to another of our online casino games tips.  We encourage gamers to sample all the slots offered at Wild Jack Online Casino.  If, for some reason, any given slots game doesn’t give you the entertainment you’re looking for, you can always “move on”.  But you might surprise yourself and really love a slot that has a theme that on first glance might not have been your cup of tea!

Blackjack Reigns Supreme

Wild Jack has over 40 different versions of blackjack.  Here’s a good tip: learn the rules thoroughly before putting money down on any game.  Wild Jack allows you to play in practice mode for as long as you need before you feel comfortable enough to place a bet.  The rules for Double Exposure, for instance, are quite different than the rules for a “regular” blackjack game.  That’s because in Double Exposure you see both of the dealer’s cards!

In addition to playing in practice mode, we offer the following tip to blackjack and video poker players; use a strategy card when playing these games.  The strategy card will direct you toward the correct decision in any situation.  By using a strategy card religiously, you can even the odds with the house!

Other Games

Wild Jack has over 40 versions of video poker and a large selection of roulette, craps, baccarat, scratch cards, poker, keno, casual games.  The list is long and varied.  That’s why we always tell gamers to try out every game.  You can play in practice mode and are never under any obligation to place a bet.

Wild Jack has extensive tutorials which provide excellent online casino games tips.

Always Play Monthly Promotions

We mentioned the daily bonus offers.  Wild Jack runs monthly promos in which the rules are set up to make it easy to qualify for a prize.  Even when there’s a big prize to be won, it’s easy to qualify.  Then all you need is luck!

Loyalty Points

One way the monthly promotions are set up involves loyalty points.  These points are a function of each bet you make art Wild Jack Online Casino.  in the monthly promos, you usually need a small number of points to qualify for a prize or even the big prize.

In addition to helping you win at the promotions, loyalty points have two other vital functions.  First, as a way to give back top players, you can redeem loyalty points for cash.  Second, as your points grow you’ll receive deposit bonus offers!

Mobile Casino

Wild Jack has a user-friendly mobile casino with excellent graphics, animation, and sound quality.  The mobile casino is compatible with all recent mobile devices and platforms.  The quality of the interface with the mobile casino is so good that mobile gaming is fast gaining on desktop gaming in popularity and may have overtaken desktop gaming by the time you read this.

Easy and Safe Banking

Wild Jack makes it easy to deposit, withdraw, and play in CAD.  It also protects your money in the same way commercial banks protect their clients’ money—with a powerful encryption system.

Try Wild Jack

Wild Jack Online Casino has so much to offer that this short treatise of online casino tips cannot do it justice.  Let one final example suffice to give you the fullest picture of the great gaming experience you can enjoy at Wild Jack.  The support team stays open on a 24/7/365 basis.  Amazing as it may seem, there are still some online casinos where the support teams take off weekends and holidays!  Not at Wild Jack Online Casino where the customer is King!